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1996 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala SS Resource Guide

4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission (4L60-E)

The Hydra-matic 4L60-E 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission is standard equipment on all Caprice Classic, Impala SS and Corvette models equipped with LT1 engine, and is available on all Camaro models. The 4L60-E's "intelligent" electronic controls allow the transmission to match the engine's performance.

  • The 4L60-E has been refined for 1996
  • Two-piece case on applications featuring the 4.3 Liter engine uses a 360-degree bell housing to encase the torque converter designed to increase stiffness and reduce noise
  • Pulse width-modulated solenoid has been replaced with a simple on-off solenoid to help maintain shift quality
  • Premium friction material is used for the intermediate clutch and front and rear bands
  • The 4L60-E's 298-mm torque converter features specially brazed turbine pump blades designed to reduce fluid leakage, increase efficiency and improve durability
  • A new torque management strategy protects the powertrain by reducing the amount of energy and heat generated by frequent severe shifts when a vehicle stuck in a snow bank or similar situation is "rocked." The 4L60-E's wide range of gear ratios enhances both performance and economy. The 3.06:1 first-gear ratio provides high torque multiplication, for initial acceleration. The overdrive 0.70:1 fourth gear reduces engine rpm at cruising speed, thereby reducing wear.
The 4L60-E provides the precision and flexibility of electronic controls. Shift points and shift smoothness are controlled by four solenoids that are connected to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

  • The PCM acts as an interface between the engine and transmission, to provide the feel of a virtually "seamless" powertrain
  • The PCM monitors engine and transmission performance several times a second to ensure smooth gear changes and proper shift points
  • The 4L60-E senses and adapts to changes in altitude, barometric pressure and engine load, for maximum efficiency
  • The refined torque-converter-clutch controls provide nearly imperceptible clutch application and release
  • Electronic controls provide the security of "fail-safe" operation; if the controls malfunction for any reason, the transmission will automatically default to operable gear ratios, enabling the driver to reach a safe location.
The 4L60-E's second-gear-start feature provides an extra measure of control in hazardous driving conditions. By moving the gear selector to the D2 position, the driver can reduce torque to the drive wheels, increasing control during initial acceleration on slippery surfaces.

4L60-E transmissions are factory-filled with long-life Dexron III automatic transmission fluid that never needs replacement under normal driving conditions.

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