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Bowes Front Kevlar metalic brake pads
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  • Super Quiet
  • Long Life
  • Asbestos Free
  • Contain Kevlar�

    Kevlar� - a revolutionary, space-age aramid fiber is the key to the superior characteristics of Bowes Brake Pads. This is the same fiber used in bullet-proof vests. Kevlar� replaces conventional asbestos as the key friction ingredient. Kevlar's� ultrahigh tensile strength and heat resistance qualities improve the friction material's performance. This provides long, safe, quiet, worry-free driving.

  • Myths About Kevlar�

  • One Kevlar� pad can be used to replace both standard and semi-metallic pads.

  • False - There are standard and semi-metallic Kevlar� pads. Kevlar� is a replacement for asbestos, not metal. An improved alternative for asbestos, Kevler� is compounded with metal to make semi-metallic pads. Where originally equipped with semi-metallic pads, a semi-metallic Kevlar� pad should be used.

  • Kevlar� pads are noisier than standard asbestos pads.

  • False - Kevlar� is actually softer and thus quieter than asbestos. Chatter and squealing are caused by improper installation (not turning the rotors, etc.) and improper application (using an organic Kevlar� pad where metallic is recommended). Using an organic pad in the place of a metallic causes the pad to glaze and crack due to heat. The Kevlar� in the metallic pads work with the metal to reduce heat, prolong pad life and operate quieter.
  • Kevlar� pads don't last as long as asbestos pads.
  • False - Kevlar� actually lasts longer than asbestos. Only in improper applications will Kevlar� fail prematurely - as will any pad improperly installed. Kevlar� pads outlast and outperform conventional pads.
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